Spooky Jewelry a Gemologist's Halloween

You may have SPOOKY jewelry. Using fluorescence can show you a unique way to see your jewelry.

 Fluorescence is the reaction of trace minerals within a gemstone which causes the gemstone to glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. At the Utah Gem Lab we use multiple wavelengths of ultraviolet lamps to check for fluorescent reactions.  But even simple black lights at skating rinks and haunted houses can excite a fluorescent reaction from your gemstones.  The sun is also a source of ultraviolet rays so gemstones can react in daylight as well. Of course the most common gemstone people have is a Diamond.  About one third of all diamonds fluoresce to some degree. Of these, the most common color is blue, but diamonds can fluoresce other colors.  On appraisals we mention the fluorescent reaction for any diamond over 1/2 ct and when applicable on other gemstones.

 We could also save you from a real NIGHTMARE. It is a good idea to have your rings periodically checked before a stone falls out.  Also having your jewelry appraised accurately will help you avoid waking up in a cold sweat after loosing a piece. 

Give it a try with all of the spooky black lights around this Halloween season. You will notice some diamonds in your ring glow brighter under black light. We would love to show you some of our "spookiest" stones when you come in to visit. 

Post a picture of your jewelry glowing and tag us on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win a free rhodium and polish or equivalent jewelry repair.  @utahgemgallery