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Gems move me. The mesmerizing dazzle of their brilliance captures my attention.  In my opinion a vivid colored stone in whatever hue is the epitome of that color, but a vivid color natural gem is a difficult thing to find. This rarity often breeds misunderstanding. It also breeds desire. Once you find one you are moved to find another. Pigeon Blood Red, Canary Yellow, Royal Blue, these descriptive terms represent a connection to the color, the connection that moves the miners, cutters, dealers, retailers, customers along the process of gathering  rarity out of the earth.

I received a poster about 10 yrs ago with a Salvador Dali quote, “The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.” In true surrealist Salvador fashion he found contradiction between dreams and reality.  Yet I have had, on a very real occasion, my dreams become a reality upon finding a beautiful stone. The palette of Salvador Dali was full of vibrant colors that his surrealist mind was able to morph into great paintings.  For my discerning eye I prefer the stark reality of the beauty and rarity in natural gems.

My desire to capture greatness was probably cemented in junior high. The strength of your cement probably determines how great you will be.  Van Gogh wanted “A new way of seeing” The musically duo 21 Pilots “Wish (They) found some cords in an order that was new”  I am in constant need for the next great gem that I get to hold for a period.   It is rather dichotomous of me when it is time to sell……it is only a little torturous.  When the person comes along that sees the same beauty and rarity I do; it confirms to me that surely I am not chasing baubles or trinkets.    When this process comes full circle it suppresses the cynic and lets the romantic visionary inside me blossom.

There is a great amount of depth to the gem and diamond business.  There is so much depth that even some jewelry professionals do not understand it.   In the following Blog posts I hope to share some of the technical challenges that gem dealers and buyers face, while also to shed light on some of the common misconceptions and their dangers.