Pocket Full of Gems

My wife accompanied me on our last trip to Thailand.  During the trip we stopped in LA for the day to meet up with some people and do a little business.  Up front I will tell you that December is the best time to travel to Thailand.  The weather is temperate and comfortable with very little precipitation.  But I digress.  In LA we met up with some of my contacts and sold a few stones.   Despite being around the business the ins and outs of the wholesale deals are a little Greek to my wife.  Upon selling some diamonds and buying her trip necessities with the cash she commented how fun it was.  In Thailand we did more of the same selling a little parcel of emeralds in Bangkok for some Bhat.  The seed had been set, I needed to see if I could make it all the way around the world just selling gems for my sustenance and travel.   Couple that seed with a mild mid life crisis and you get a gemologist setting up the rules of the game for himself.  In one week I start the game, or the journey for you reality TV show nuts.  No reservations.  No money.  Just a pocket full of gems and I sell my way around the world.  One way tickets west or basically west.  Follow along on this blog and Instagram @winwardgg.  I will have a couple of Indie film makers along for the ride from JL Studios here in Ogden.   Look out for the 2017 Pocket full of gems world tour.  #apocketfullofgems