Matt Winward

I fell in love with diamonds when I was shopping for my then soon to be fiancé.  I have a passion for diamonds and gems and I guess some would call me a gem nut.  I search far and wide to find the rarest and most valuable gems and diamonds that I can find.  But finding a gem is not as important as finding a gem that has value for me and my customers.  This understanding of value has been honed in the last 15 yrs by completing approx 10,000 written appraisals and buying and selling over 200,000 carats of gems and diamonds.  

When we get the chance to meet in my lab I am sure you will be overcome by the amount of depth that there is in the gem business.  Most leave in awe of the amount of information that is available on the pseudoscience of gemology.  My wholesale peers have given me the status of the highest positive rating in the USA on the B2B website  

I look forward to helping the Utah Gem Gallery match people and their moments with just the right piece to commemorate the occasion.

Thank you for stopping by, 

Matt Winward

Michael J. Benjamin GIA, AJP
General Manager

I love people; it moves me to bring value to my clients. I’m in love with the romance of presenting our beloveds with just the right piece. In our lifetimes, we give few items of this magnitude. I believe in maximizing it.

I absolutely love our model. Our store is simple. Our vault is mighty. Our expertise and experience unsurpassed. When our clients see how much more diamond and gem their money buys in our store, they are thrilled. How is this possible? Simple, we chose to keep your costs down. No fancy billboards, No expensive advertising, No radio and TV ads, all those savings show up as gems. I’m thrilled to bring that value to you at Utah Gem Gallery. Beyond that, I love diamonds and gemstones.

In working with Matthew I have come to realize rarity and awesomeness is actual and scientific. Not an emotional hunch or opinion. Every day I see happy people presenting pieces they are proud of. I can’t wait to meet you.

I work best by appointment. So please call ahead, I’ll be prepared and ready for you. Look forward to meeting you.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Benjamin