Above all else, we promise to bring expertise and passion to everything we do.


The Utah Gem Gallery provides expert analysis for any jewelry related situation.  From buying your first engagement ring, to analyzing your gemstone for identification and treatment analysis, to selling your unwanted jewelry.  We can do pretty much anything including custom designs from scratch for your own unique dream piece.  Come see our huge selection of colored gemstones with the best collection in the state of Utah. 


Global Experts, Based Locally

The Utah Gem Gallery is more than just a place to by diamonds.  We are a globally connected resource to the gem world. 


GIA Graduate


Global Reach


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Real Connection


We strive to be your one-stop for informative decision making with gems and art.  Matt is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and a member of The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.  His experience and expertise in the industry has enabled him to cultivate connections and develop global relationships that lead to a better value and experience for you. 

It's passion separates us from the crowd.

committed to bringing the rarity of the world back to utah


"I am passionate when it comes to appreciating rarity from around the earth. I believe that jewelry is the highest form of gifting, and self reward. Each gemstone and each individual should be carefully understood. And so should the style of jewelry they wear. This is such a fun and rewarding experience. I get to deal in and pursue rarity from around the world. And share it with others. The more I learn about gems the more I love them. The deeper I understand them the more I understand how slight and subtle differences can significantly impact value."  
- Michael J. Benjamin - General Manager