Matt Winward

I fell in love with diamonds when I was shopping for my then soon to be fiancé.  I have a passion for diamonds and gems and I guess some would call me a gem nut.  I search far and wide to find the rarest and most valuable gems and diamonds that I can find.  But finding a gem is not as important as finding a gem that has value for me and my customers.  This understanding of value has been honed in the last 15 yrs by completing approx 10,000 written appraisals and buying and selling over 200,000 carats of gems and diamonds.  

When we get the chance to meet in my lab I am sure you will be overcome by the amount of depth that there is in the gem business.  Most leave in awe of the amount of information that is available on the pseudoscience of gemology.  My wholesale peers have given me the status of the highest positive rating in the USA on the B2B website  

I look forward to helping the Utah Gem Gallery match people and their moments with just the right piece to commemorate the occasion.

Thank you for stopping by, 

Matt Winward

Michael J. Benjamin GIA, AJP
General Manager

My vision for the Utah Gem Gallery is to provide our customers with real value and amazing gems, backed by education and knowledge. The opportunity to purchase Diamonds and colored Gemstones with this degree of competence is rare. We are so lucky Matthew decided to share his vision with me. This expanding effort provides a real opportunity to our customers. To have a Gem Lab, right here with the expertise we do. And a colored Gem Stone and Diamond collection like this is such a great opportunity. I want our clients to enjoy our space, come and hang out on our beautiful patio get to know each other and have the opportunity to visit with others, whom also appreciate nice things. We look forward to having late nights at the gallery hosting our clients to fine deserts, music, arts, great company of course an amazing display of our Gem Stone Collections and designers to help fashion them into amazing pieces.


Look forward to showing you our gallery, talking art and gemstones and helping you to achieve your dreams. And celebrate your love.

Warmest Regards,

Michael Benjamin